Residential investment is the fastest growing market for Institutional and International Investors

The PRS Sector

The whole UK PRS sector has grown rapidly over the past 3 years and now amounts to c. £1.4 trillion in value; more valuable than the UK’s commercial sector.

The move towards the delivery and investment in Build to Rent projects is the way forward for many institutional investors, fund managers and developers. This is encouraged by the UK Government.

Many UK and global investors are actively pursuing residential investment strategies and plenty of others are looking for ways to enter the market through local partners, directly or indirectly. Strategies around creating new vehicles/platforms, poor existing buy to let stock, public sector & housing association partnerships, targeted occupier designs, new methods of funding and others are widening the interest.

Activity is building across London, the South East and the Regions looking to bridge the huge gap between supply and demand.

Relevant and high quality expertise is in short supply within this fast, new and growing sector.

£13bnGovernment support for Build to Rent schemes

£40bnAimed at the PRS Sector

2020By 2020 investment trebling+

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